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During Statewide
Distance Learning
June 11, 2020
Greetings To All our SIS Suite Users!
As we end this crazy year, we wanted to reach out and remind you that there are necessary steps to complete in our system to prepare for the year end roll over in July. Please connect with your staff that are assigned to the End of Year Checklist to ensure that they understand and are ready to complete these important tasks. Thank you for your help with this.

Included in this newsletter is important information to ensure you have all that you need to end the year with our system successfully. Have a great summer and know that we are here to assist you whenever the need arises.
  • Summer Roll Over Dates
  • EOY Checklists -- WebSIS & PS (TIENET)
  • EOY Processes and ODE State Reporting
  • Grading Changes from Distance Learning
  • Student Tracker
  • Scheduling
Summer Roll Over Dates
LBL SIS Suite will be unavailable the week of July 13 for our yearly roll over to the new year. All applications will be off line while we roll student data to the new year and archive this year's information. All end of the year work in our system (End of Year checklist and any ODE requirements) needs to be completed no later than July 10th. We suggest June 30th as a target date.

Registar re-enrollment will be unavailable during the roll over.
End of Year Checklist for LBL SIS Suite Applications can be found by going into WebSIS. On the left hand menu, click on “Processes." You will find it in that drop down list called End of Year Checklist. See example below:
End of Year Checklist for PowerSchool Special Programs (formerly TIENET) must be completed before school resumes in the fall. For your convenience we have included both the End of School Year Process Manual and the EOY Checklist (pulled out from the manual for your convenience).
EOY Processes and State Reporting

Includes important closure dates and reminders.

This document was shared at SIS Steering Meeting.

Grading Change Attention

Many of you made changes to your grading scales in March and April to accommodate Distant Learning. We want to remind you that these changes will need to be reverted back to pre-COVID settings. This may include:
  • removing Q3 & Q4 marking periods and return to Sem 2 marking period
  • returning grading scales to calculate A-F or proficiency scoring (not P/Pass, G/No Grade or I/Incomplete)
  • resetting term calculation methods
Please click here to identify who is going to make this change so we can support you in the process. This needs to be done before gradebooks are generated for attendance on day 1 next school year.
Reminder that you have the Student Tracker
Dashboard in Argos to create reports for student
contact during Distance Learning (Example below)
Need Scheduling Help
We are available for scheduling support through July 10. Call our help desk to set up a time to meet with our scheduling experts.

In our last newsletter we shared our two new Scheduling Guides to assist schools with the next year scheduling process in SILK. We thought it was worth sending these again.
Master Schedule Guide for Period attendance
Master Schedule Guide for Elementary School

ODE COVID-19 Guidance Links

LBL Updates During Distance Learning For All Links

We are here to help
If you have any questions, please call the Student Information Systems Help Desk at 866.914.2800 (toll free) or 541.812.2800. For questions related to PS Special Programs (TIENET) all that help desk at 877.967.7733. Our phones are staffed from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday. You can also submit questions, problems, or concerns via the online Web Help Desk. Your office staff will assist you with this.

You’ve heard this many times, but it always bears repeating: we are all in this together. LBL’s SIS team is here to help you succeed in these most challenging of times.