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LBL SIS Suite Guidance
During Statewide
School Closure
April 30, 2020
Important information for LBL SIS Suite users!

Featuring guidance on:

  • Report cards

  • Argos dashboard to measure student contact

  • Useful Gradebook Reports for Distant Learning

  • Importing Assignment Scores into Gradebook

  • ODE K-8 Grading--Clarification

  • Archive Copies--A necessary chore

Thinking of Changing Your Report Cards?
ODE's latest guidance for K-8 reporting is that Report Cards must be sent home to every student, and it is expected that there only be two kinds of grades represented--"Pass" and "Incomplete" or local equivalent. We would encourage you to contact our Help Desk if you are thinking of changing your grading scales to reflect these two grades. We can save you time and major headaches. Click the "ODE K-8 Grading" button below for more information as well as ODE approved language.

Distance Learning3
Coming Soon in Argos!
A Distance Learning Student Tracker dashboard is on it's way. Track students by demographics and special programs to easily identify those who may need your help.
Click the buttons below for more information

Discover several helpful reports especially tailored

for this Distant Learning environment.

Guidance on ways to import assignment scores into Gradebook

from other csv files.

With a few minor tweaks, you can grade like you always have.

LBL has created short training videos for both

classified and certified staff

digital archive2

Digital Archive for Academic Records

We have been asked to put a COVID-19 message on the bottom of the Academic Record. At this point in time, this will display on all Academic Records past, present, and future. LBL has always recommended that schools archive their Academic Records. It's more important than ever to archive all past Academic Records so that they do not reflect this new message.

All work sample requirements for Grades 3-8 and high school are suspended for 2019-2020

ODE COVID-19 Guidance Links

LBL Updates During Distance Learning For All Links

We are here to help
If you have any questions, please call the Student Information Systems Help Desk at 866.914.2800 (toll free) or 541.812.2800. Or call our PS Special Programs (formerly TIENET) Help Desk at 877.967.7733. Our phones are staffed from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday. You can also submit questions, problems, or concerns via the online Web Help Desk. Your office staff will assist you with this.

As you’ve likely heard many times, we are all in this together. LBL’s SIS team is here to help you succeed in these most challenging of times.