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Gradebook Guidance for High Schools

April 21, 2020

Dear Administrators, Gradebook Managers, and Registrars,

Teachers need to get the most out of the Gradebook as they become accustomed to teaching in this Distance Learning for All era. We can help! Below are two options we think support teachers use of a familiar tool (Gradebook) and the state’s grading expectations.

As always, let us know if we can help!

Martha Kroessin--Information Systems Administrator

Term Grades In Wazzle Gradebook
for High Schools

ODE’s latest guidance indicates that all students in grades 9-12 will receive “Pass” or “Incomplete” (or local equivalent) for the courses in which they were enrolled as of March 13. Schools have two options to handle this in LBL’s Wazzle Gradebook.

1. Pass/Incomplete– Gradebook Managers can create a new gradebook scale (or use an existing P/I scale) and change the gradebook template to apply this scale to the current marking period and interval (e.g., Semester 2 MP and Semester 2, or Quarter 4 MP and Semester 2). This will allow the gradebook to compute the P/I grade from assignment scores. If you choose this method, you must contact the LBL SIS Help Desk to change the individual course gradebooks.

2. Override Grades – Make sure that Pass and Incomplete are included in your TERM grading scales. At the end of the term, or at any point during the term, teachers enter term grade overrides based upon each student’s assignment. To see a student’s computed letter grade, the teacher simply chooses to have the grades computed normally. Teachers can enter the desired Pass/Incomplete override as indicated by the student’s computed score.

Caution: Please do not attempt to move courses from their current gradebook template to a different one! Results will be unpredictable and will require extensive work to repair.

We await further guidance from ODE regarding term grades for middle and elementary schools (grade levels KG through 8).
Q: Can we put a message on Transcripts to explain grading during this time? Schools can modify their WebSIS Grading Alias table to clearly identify the grades given during the Distance Learning for All period. Contact the Help Desk for assistance.
We are here to help
If you have any questions, please call the Student Information Systems Help Desk at 866.914.2800 (toll free) or 541.812.2800. For questions related to PS Special Programs (TIENET) all that help desk at 877.967.7733. Our phones are staffed from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM every weekday. You can also submit questions, problems, or concerns via the online Web Help Desk. Your office staff will assist you with this.

You’ve heard this many times, but it always bears repeating: we are all in this together. LBL’s SIS team is here to help you succeed in these most challenging of times.