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Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District (LBL ESD) provides educational support programs and services to 12 constituent school districts, 91 schools and approximately 34,000 students in Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties.

As a regional education service agency, LBL is one of 19 ESD's created by Oregon’s legislature to provide programs and services to local school districts and social service entities within its designated geographic area. We serve the needs of children in our region by providing local school districts with a wide range of administrative, special education, instructional and technology services.

ArrowBoard of Directors

LBL's Board of Directors provides leadership to serve districts, schools and students by providing flexible, effective and efficient educational services.


ArrowCabinet & Leadership Council

LBL's Cabinet and Leadership Council serve component districts in Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties. Both leadership groups bring to LBL a wealth of education and expertise, enabling them to make effective decisions that provide K-12 students with the highest level of educational support.


ArrowPrograms and Services

LBL's eight programs collaborate to create dynamic, effective service that's focused on meeting the existing and emerging needs of school districts. Our programs are:

  • Administrative Services offers three main services:

    • Superintendent's Office provides executive leadership to LBL and constituent districts to fulfill the goals and mission of the LBL ESD as prioritied by the LBL Board of Directors.
      • Support districts in providing equitable, flexible and effective education services to all students.
      • Develop and implement the LBL Local Service Plan in conjunction with component school districts.
      • Develop and implement Board Policy as approved by the LBL Board of Directors.
      • Oversee all LBL programs.
      • Prepare, implement and monitor the ESD budget.
      • Direct communications and public relations.
      • Serve as liaison between component districts, local, regional and state agencies, enhancing the understanding of the role of the ESD as a partner in serving component and non-component districts.

    • Human Resources primarilay serves LBL ESD employees, including hiring, benefits administration, personnel and records management, policies and procedures, contract management and other services for employees. LBL ESD Human Resources is also available to support our constituent districts regarding personnel-related issues such as employee recruitment at regional job fairs.

    • Business Services primarily provices the business functions for all LBL ESD programs. In addition to the routine administrative functions of planning, managing, staffing and budgeting, services also include communication between agencies, coordination of effort between agencies and districts and providing component districts with business office support. Our business information system (BIS) provides licenses, training and support for component and non-component districts related to the accounting and personnel software.

  • Cascade Regional Program provides support for children birth-to-21 with low incidence disabilities: vision impairment, hearing impairment, orthopedic impairment and autism spectrum disorders. Additional support is provided in the areas of augmentative communication and audiology.

    Cascade Regional’s mission is to collaborate with school districts and EI/ECSE programs so that students benefit from the intervention and educational opportunities provided. Services include consultation, assessment, instruction, and adaptive or specialized materials and equipment.

  • Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education EI/ECSE)
    program provides assessment, evaluation, early intervention and early childhood special education services for eligible children from birth to five years in Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties.

    EI/ECSE specialists, speech language pathologists and related service staff provide a continuum of services, both consultative and direct to eligible children. Services are provided for children transitioning into kindergarten programs.

  • Information Systems develops, hosts and supports mission-critical information systems. These include the LBL WebSIS, Pinnacle Gradebook, Silk Scheduler, TIENET, and Argos Data and Analysis.

    Provide training, consultation, employee development, document management, and help desk services.

    Provide website development and maintenance.

  • Long-Term Care and Treatment Education Program (Farm Home School) provides public education services to students in residence at the Children’s Farm Home, a Trillium Family Services mental health residential treatment facility.

    Wake Robin School provides public education services to children and youth admitted to the Trillium Family Services day treatment program in West Salem.

    Teachers at both sites, with support from education assistants, provide individualized and small group instruction with standard curriculum and a variety of online and computer-based programs.

    LBL has provided education services to LTCT students since 2006.

  • Network and Facilities System works in conjunction with ESD programs and district staff to provide technology infrastructure and support for our educational environments. Our responsibilities include:
    • Internet connectivity and content filtering.
    • Local, metropolitan and wide-area network management.
    • Hosting and management of network infrastructure for school and education programs, including document and media storage, business and student information systems, instructional technology, e-learning and web environments.
    • Engineering consultation, implementation and management of district network services.
    • Management and direct support for LBL's desktop and network equipment.
    • Direct technical support of workstations and network services at LBL’s component districts.
  • Special Education and Evaluation Services provides a variety of evaluation and consultation services.

    • Evaluation/consultation services for Special Education (SpEd).
    • Speech Language Services - evaluation, consultation and direct services.
    • Consultation services/training for SpEd and Reglar Education staff for districts in the IDEA Consortium.
    • Severe Disabilities consultation.
    • TAG testing support.
    • Response to Intervention (RtI)/Progress Monitoring training
    • Community Connections Network facilitation.
    • Youth Transition Program support.
    • Transition Network Program support.
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Regional Support.

  • Student and Family Support Services assist school districts by supporting districts searching for practical solutions to student behavior and social service needs. We serve children needing social, emotional and behavioral supports.

    Attendance Officers: Provide a continuum of support and intervention for students with chronic absenteeism/truancy problems. Consult with schools regarding policies and practices that may improve attendance rates.

    Behavior Consultants: Provide consultation to school staff and direct intervention related to the needs of students who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with their success in school.

    Family Support Liaisons: Provide support, home visiting and linkage to health and community resources to students who are experiencing a variety of challenges to their success in school.

    Home School: Register and provide support for home school students residing in the LBL region.

    Medicaid Administrative Claiming: Support professional development activities for LBL and our component school districts. Support social service positions for students and families needing community resources.

    Positive Behavior and Instructional Support (PBIS): Work with district and building level teams to support implementation of PBIS strategies.

ArrowMission & Vision

Mission: LBL Board of Directors, Superintendent, and staff serve districts, schools, and students by providing flexible, effective, and efficient educational services.

Vision: To be a responsive and transparent organization that supports districts in helping every child succeed.

  • We value success for all students.
  • We value relationships that are built on trust, responsiveness and honesty.
  • We value the “four E's”: Excellence, Equity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.
  • We value accountability.

ArrowStrategic Plan 2014-2015

Strategic Plan 2014-2015: LBL staff and the Board of Directors have updated the LBL Strategic Plan 2014-2015 Acrobat PDF file. Our main goal is to provide high-quality services and programs that are practical, reliable, and economical.


ArrowLocal Service Plan 2013-2015

Local Service Plan 2013 - 2015: LBL is a statewide leader in delivering sound educational services. We serve educational agencies, districts, and schools across the state with high-quality services, and programs that are practical, reliable and economical.

The Local Service Plan (Acrobat PDF file 212K) defines our vision, values, goals and provides a detailed description of all services provided by LBL. 

ArrowAnnual Report 2014-2015

LBL is funded through multiple sources to assist Linn, Benton, and Lincoln school districts to achieve Oregon's education goals. The annual report
(Acrobat PDF file 204K) is an opportunity for us to communicate to our districts, agencies, and community on how we utilize the resources that are provided to us.


ArrowFinancial Information


ArrowAchievement Compact Advisory Committee

During the 2012 Legislative Session, Senate Bill 1581, has directed each school district and education service district to form an “Achievement Compact Advisory Committee” by September 30, 2012. Each year, the committee will present recommendations to the district's Board of Education by February 1.

The committee is charged with the following:

  • Developing an achievement compact.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the achievement compact.
  • Developing district plans for achieving the student outcomes, measures of progress, goals, and targets expressed in the district's achievement compact for the next fiscal years and targets.
  • Recommending outcomes, measures of progress, goals, and targets to be contained in the district's achievement compact for the next fiscal year.
  • Click here to view meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes.
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Fax: 541-926-6047
E-mail: webmaster@lblesd.k12.or.us

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